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August 29, 2019


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Well apparently the guy who sold me these came in the jar on the left(black gas) so definitely prefer the layer cake(right)
I gotta be honest, even tho I seriously want to bash CN for their horrendous shipping methods and dishonesty (specifically asked if they would be smalls on ig and they assured me no). HOWEVER their product to price ratio is just stupid. Selling something of this caliber for 100$ regardless of a seed...
This is without a doubt the best distillate I have ever had the opportunity of purchasing for under $600 an Oz.(Rating based off colour potency and harshness) That being said, I paid $400 for this and it is an absolute steal deal wish they still had some in stock so I could stock up on another Oz or...
Awesome thanks for the reply, was just skeptical cuz a buddy of mine mentioned all the orange hairs and pointed out a few thick stems so I started panicking. Thank you
Posted about this in /canadianMoMs... Basically ordered 7 pens for 168$ and 3/7 are severely underfilled by 35%ish... The pen pictured on the right is the most filled pen I received where as the middle pen and the one on the left r similar to how the rest of the batch looks. Honestly severely disapp...
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