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October 7, 2020


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j_killian·CannaPanda·1090d56 reviews
Another great strain from canna panda this stuff is almost sweet and sour smelling with some kushy kick tossed in the buds are covered in crystal and look fuzzy almost velvety and seems to be grown nice and mature lots of amber trics I like a more sedated high so it’s perfect the high hits nice an...
j_killian·GetBulkWeed·1105d56 reviews
I have enuff weed at the moment and concentrates and I know rule 5 is to review but I didn’t want to open the bag but I wanted to show that Getbulkweed followed thorough and made up for the late oreder so please don’t take down when I do open and smoke I’ll remember to post a review ☺️
j_killian·GetBulkWeed·1108d56 reviews
Both of the strains smoke amazing and smell excellent I wasn’t going to post these until they sent the weed as well but I figured I’d post this incase anyone else is waiting for orders from Getbulkweed. This order was made and paid for on Sept 2nd and said it was completed but then it never upda...
j_killian·DistillateDirect·1110d56 reviews
It’s very creamy and full of flavour I could smell it just after getting it out of the vacuum seal and before taking the sealant ring off and open the jar by the time it’s fully open it fills the room with nice earthy kushy kinda smell and hits nice and strong and leaves my banger nice and prett...
j_killian·Enigma Extracts·1118d56 reviews
Purple drank breath lol not dank bit that works to cuz this is some crazy weed super potent and a nice sweet smell this is some great green well wortkh the 185$ I paid it’s 220$-15% with code QUADS
j_killian·DistillateDirect·1118d56 reviews
This batch tastes so good like blue raspberry candies made a few candies yesterday and wow so tasty perfect for sweets I have a fairly high tolerance so this is the best way for edibles I eat between 700-1200mg per edible so kinda unaffordable to buy pre made candies at that strength for ever day or...
j_killian·DistillateDirect·1134d56 reviews
They are great super chuncky and tons of flavour and at 190$@7gr can’t go wrong and the green was 60$@7gr or 195$oz which is good for the quality both items are well worth the price and will be on my order list again.
j_killian·GetBulkWeed·1145d56 reviews
Blue dream is more energetic and uplifting and I find the greasy pink sedating been enjoying it this evening this was my second purchase from getbulkweed and they were both quickly shipped out, both strains have lots of flavour and a great high at $250h/o well worth it :)
j_killian·GetBulkWeed·1160d56 reviews
This stuff has a very strong smell as soon as you crack the jar it fills the room and has very potent high that lasts and lats had a couple dabs before work and was good for the first couple hours and for the 250$ for 14gr I’ll def be picking up more of there live resin worth every discontinued p...
j_killian·MMJExpress·1173d56 reviews
Not better but for the 550$ for mix and match oz of either diamonds wax budder shatter or live resin you can’t go wrong very terpy and potent this is my 3rd oz from them and I’ve tried L/R, budder, wax and diamonds and they were all good I just didn’t like the taste of the tea biscuits diamond...
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