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March 22, 2022


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LeBim666·CannaPanda·791d142 reviews
Well cannapanda small are really smollzzz!! It bottom of bag at best… even for that price it’s not worth trying… lack of everything and they don’t accepte 2-3 start review on their site… haha! Fuck those small.
LeBim666·GhostDrops·1092d142 reviews
Damn damn damn was all I got in mind when I saw the stuff!! Look sooooooo frosty! Nice smell! The diamond are tasty and so potent!
LeBim666·HillSidePharms·1118d142 reviews
Very nice stuff! Strong smell, clear burn and good taste! The high is physical and good for watching habs loosing again... damnit haha. Seriously a nice one!
LeBim666·GreenCounter·1148d142 reviews
It’s awsome!! Smell, taste, burn! Beautiful color and sticky! For cookie lover!
LeBim666·KootenayCraft·1163d142 reviews
First is Jupiter Og! Super frosty ☃️ Then it’s purple suffer with an amazing smell. Finish with that ridiculous cactus Breath! All beautiful flower that going right away in a better jar!
LeBim666·HillSidePharms·1191d142 reviews
You are right! Wanted to type LSO ... damnit. Shit happens haha. Well this one is dank for sure
LeBim666·LowPriceBud·1226d142 reviews
Pink death or pink deathstar is a cross of two well known strain : pink kush n Death Star. Beautiful bud and nose. All size of bud from small to big chunky. All compact and well cured. You like gas Indica then you will love this one. Good to stay warm at home. Thanks LPB for fast shipping. Overall a...
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