December 17, 2018
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December 17, 2018
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mcmaxx·TheGreenAce·1420d48 reviews

Black Diamond Hybrid Indica Review - Original Review

These are the same guys we tried the pineapple express (fruity sweet and tropical tasting) and the tom ford (lower accents taste, not as tropical but and sweet and aroma like h...
mcmaxx·The.BH.Othority·1427d48 reviews

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Where’s My Bike vs OCS Review - Original Review

I was particularly looking for the highest price / boutique stuff I could find and was directed toward these guys. Apparently they’ve been around since th...
mcmaxx·TheGreenAce·1431d48 reviews

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Pink Star AAA thegreenace Review - Original Post

I saw what these guys had to offer for their AAAA and wanted to see the bang for the buck for the lower end (AAA) ones. This bud has a good amount of moisture,...
mcmaxx·TheHighClub·1432d48 reviews

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Sugar Cookies Hybrid Indica AAA Review - thehighclub - Original Review

This hybrid indica is rated AAA on their site and I think it’s about accurate. For something to be AAAA it has to be good tasting, smoo...
mcmaxx·TheGreenAce·1438d48 reviews

- Tom Ford Indica AAAA Review - Original Post

Keeping in mind I’ve always leaned toward Hybrid and Sativa strains, for an Indica, this strain is alright in my books. Its got really unique colors (purple, dark green, s...
mcmaxx·TheHighClub·1439d48 reviews

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Blueberry Cheesecake Hybrid Sativa Review - thehighclub - Original Post

The best advice for this strain is smoke it if you wanna get wrecked. This thing is powerful: blueberry being a creeper and th...
mcmaxx·Secret Stash House·1441d48 reviews

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Larry OG Hybrid Indica - Secret Stash House

There were the guys that had the Blue Tuna which I was very impressed. These buds are also similar to that of the tuna; dense, heavy, well cured but not crispy. It seems...
mcmaxx·TheGreenAce·1441d48 reviews
Pineapple Express Hybrid - thegreenace - Original Review

Video Review

I picked this up from a new place simply because of Black Friday... AND this is the Pineapple Express from the movies :P The bud was hard as a rock, but despite ...
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