December 17, 2018
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December 17, 2018
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July 20, 2019


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mcmaxx·TheChrono·1303d48 reviews

Platinum Blackberry Hybrid Indica Review | 4/5

Today we are looking at Platinum Blackberry from a Mail order Marijuana service, The Chrono.

I’ve had many platinum strains, but I have yet to try Platinum Blackberry. It...
mcmaxx·HillSidePharms·1309d48 reviews

Citrus Slurricane Archive Seeds Hybrid Indica Review | 4/5

Another delicious sounding strain from a craft grower I’m usually pretty excited to try. Being fortunate enough to get larger nugs it should provide a better examinatio...
mcmaxx·KootenayCraft·1311d48 reviews

Watermelon Hybrid Indica Review | 5/5

Another fruity strain from one of my favorite craft growers with a delicious name: watermelon. Although a trade I felt happy to finally get around to trying this as it’s described as a hy...
mcmaxx·GanjaWest·1314d48 reviews

Girl Scout Cookies GSC Hybrid Indica Review | 4.7/5

Girl scout cookies (GSC) is probably one the most household pot names I remember even before legalization .. but have had mixed results with it in the past. Either flavorless,...
mcmaxx·KingTuts·1319d48 reviews

God’s Green Crack Hybrid Shatter Review | 4.?/5

First review of shatter and purposely chose one of the same strain to the earlier ’Budder Honeycomb’ we did of God’s Green Crack.

Had similar color and consistency as we ...
mcmaxx·SpeedGreens·1323d48 reviews

God’s Green Crack Hybrid Budder Honeycomb Review | 4.?/5

Being the first review on a concentrate it’s gonna be tough to rate it or give it too serious of a rating ... just like the hash it’ll take a few to get a basis for compari...
mcmaxx·HillSidePharms·1326d48 reviews

Do-si-dos is another familiar strain name I hear a lot about and wanted to try out so luckily I received a sample from HSP which tend to specialize in higher-end, boutique strains.

Even before opening the jar you could tell it was...
mcmaxx·Cheebas·1331d48 reviews

Blueberry Hash Review | 4.?/5

This is only the second time we reviewed hash and is a very top shelf hash ... so we’ll hard to compare until we get cheaper stuff (Like the mercedes hash).

Similar to the ’Wheres my bike...
mcmaxx·6ixpensary·1335d48 reviews

Banana Punch Hybrid Review | 4.5/5

Always been a fan of fruit flavors (pineapple, berry, apple) but this is the first time I’ve had anything named banana.

Even before opening you can tell is nice and whole, crystally,...
mcmaxx·GanjaWest·1338d48 reviews

Purple Punch Hybrid Indica Review | 3.8/5

We’ve had the purple punch before from another MoM so we kind of knew what to expect. This hybrid indica (80/20) had a similar bud structure as the last time we saw it: longer, slender...
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