December 17, 2018
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December 17, 2018
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July 20, 2019


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mcmaxx·KootenayCraft·1345d48 reviews

Skunk #1 Indica Review | 4.5/5

This being the last of our skunks we compared we figured to leave the fanciest for last. Priced at more than 200$ an ounce this 25% THC bud was a definite treat.

The smell was much differen...
mcmaxx·CoastalWildfire·1348d48 reviews

Apple Pie Sativa Review | 4.7/5

I set my expectations pretty high for this as CWF (coastal wild fire) is considered one of the more top-shelf boutique vendors that are the type to sell most of their stuff in jars / containers and...
mcmaxx·TheGreenAce·1351d48 reviews

Pink Kush Hybrid Indica Review | 4.5/5

The last two pink kush we had was from ocs but I feel this is the first time we got one closer matching to what was described on Leafy. This hybrid-indica (90/10) was rated as a AAA+ (but r...
mcmaxx·KingTuts·1355d48 reviews

Video Review

Silver Haze Sativa Review | 3.9/5 | Original Review

Another 99$ / oz that we wanted to check for the fun of it so we’re obviously lowering our standards quite a bit. Despite this the overall experience was...
mcmaxx·Secret Stash House·1359d48 reviews

Pink Zombie Indica Review | 3.8/5 | Original Review

This was a bit of an elusive strain to find info on... lots of ’pink’ strains and lots of ’zombie’ strains (like Zombie OG) so I didn’t know what to expect. This one o...
mcmaxx·MyGreenSolution·1362d48 reviews

Alien OG Hybrid Indica Review | 4/5 | Original Review

We’ve tried Alien OG crossed with other strains but first time trying JUST alien OG. Priced moderately this Hybrid Indica was rated as AAA+ but MoM’s (and OCS for that mat...
mcmaxx·GanjaWest·1366d48 reviews

Video Review

Bluefin Tuna Hybrid Indica Review | 3.9/5 | Original Review

We’ve seen a lot of tuna-strains before and know what to expect from them .. usually more diesely/fishy but the real nice ones are the ones that ...
mcmaxx·Cheebas·1370d48 reviews

Where’s my bike Sativa Hash | 4.?/5 | Original Review

We’ve never really reviewed Hash before so this is based off whatever I read from the people providing it, online research and old early-2000s hash. We purposely seeked ou...
mcmaxx·6ixpensary·1371d48 reviews

Mimosa Hybrid Review | 4.25/5 | Original Review

Mimosa has been the talk of the town for the early part o...
mcmaxx·Weed-Deals·1375d48 reviews

Purple Punch 2.0 Symbiotic Genetics Indica Review | 4.5/5

I was interested in this strain mostly because it being from a new brand symbolic genetics which I haven’t tried before. Also I was always a fan of sweet/tropical strain...
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