December 17, 2018
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December 17, 2018
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July 20, 2019


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mcmaxx·MyGreenSolution·1687d48 reviews

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Super Skunk Indica | 4.5/5 | Original Review

The buds smelt super strong, NATURAL flowery smell, sweet, and also very little pungency. About half strength of what we got from the more expensive stuff.

mcmaxx·CannabisCanadaShop·1694d48 reviews

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Black Gas Hybrid Indica Review | 4/5 | Original Review

Haven’t seen too many strains with the words ’black’ ’gas’ but have seen many with ’white’, ’death’, ’purple’ and they seem to main...
mcmaxx·TheGreenAce·1697d48 reviews

Strawberry Cheesecake Gas Demon Hybrid Indica Review | 3.75 / 5 | Original Review

This 70/30 Hybrid Indica priced at a 11/1g was grown by ’Gas Demon’ which we haven’t seen much of (or anything before). Just the name Strawbe...
mcmaxx·CannabisCanadaShop·1704d48 reviews

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Pinkman Goo Indica Review | 3.75 / 5 | Original Review

Dense, dark, and sticky this bud lives up to its name. Its got a nice overall shine to it, well trimmed (no fan leaves) and not much stems but what made ...
mcmaxx·GanjaWest·1707d48 reviews

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White Death Quad City Hybrid Indica Review - Ganjawest - Jan 2019 - Original Review

Visually this bud reminded me a lot like the Fruity Pebbles we had a few weeks back: very colorful, dark green, light green,...
mcmaxx·HillSidePharms·1710d48 reviews

Chocolope Hybrid Sativa The Unknown Grower | 4.5 / 5 | Hillside Pharms

We haven’t really paid much attention to the producers of MoM stuff... only OCS so it’s probably a good time to start :D This Chocolope comes from The Unk...
mcmaxx·TheGreenAce·1712d48 reviews

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Skunky Diesel Hybrid Indica Review | 4.25/5 | Original Review

We’ve seen a lot of Diesel from Mom’s and OCS but not a lot of Skunk ... so I was interested in comparing it to the Royal High Supe...
mcmaxx·KingTuts·1716d48 reviews

Diesel Hybrid Sativa Review | 3.75/5 | Original Review

Let’s not kid ourselves and pretend this is going to be top shelf bud. I purposely bought it because it was 99$/oz (with a promotion came out to like 34 grams) and wanted t...
mcmaxx·TheGreenAce·1719d48 reviews

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Lemon Sour Diesel Hybrid Sativa AAA Review - Original Review

This hybrid sativa 80/20 labeled with low-medium THC is an overall good experience, but not the most mind blowing we’ve seen from gree...
mcmaxx·TheHighClub·1722d48 reviews

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Alien OG x Skywalker AAA Hybrid Indica Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5

It’s hard to judge moms because there’s no real brand for each bud and it varies mom to mom. This hybrid indica of thc UP TO (but prob not ex...
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